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Did you know that Remanufacturing is Recycling?  Have you considered how your decision to make a major repair to your vehicle affects our environment? We have researched how much energy JASPER utilizes in the remanufacturing process and compared it with information from the Argonne National Lab, a research center for the U.S. Department of Energy.

By averaging the curb weight of three vehicles: a Mercedes-Benz W126, a Hummer H2, and a Toyota Prius, a determination was made on the average amount of energy required in manufacturing vehicles. Energy usage at JASPER, per drivetrain component, was figured and, on average, only 1% of the energy is consumed in remanufacturing a drivetrain component in comparison to manufacturing the entire vehicle.  That is an energy savings of nearly six tons of coal or 1008 gallons of crude oil. Rather than replacing their vehicles, our customers, by purchasing JASPER remanufactured engines, transmissions, and differentials saved enough energy in 2007 to power an estimated 598,000 households, or every residence in a city the size of Washington, D.C., for an entire year!

In a still cited 1981 Massachusetts Institute of Technology study on remanufactured automotive components, it was approximated that 85% of the energy exhausted in the original product was preserved in the remanufactured product. Instead of wasting energy in the replacement of raw materials, JASPER cleans and remanufactures the original castings to the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. In another study at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, it was estimated that annual energy savings by remanufacturing worldwide are equivalent to the electricity generated by eight nuclear power plants or 16,000,000 barrels of crude oil - enough to fill 350 oil tankers.

By purchasing a remanufactured engine, transmission, or differential, everyone can benefit from the conservation of our natural resources.

In addition to remanufacturing, the following are a few things JASPER is doing to protect our environment:

  • JASPER has implemented bioremediation as a means to clean the water used throughout our remanufacturing process. This process allows an enzyme to break down contaminates into a form that microbes can consume. By using microbes, we can naturally transform hydrocarbons (oil, fuel, and solvents) into carbon dioxide and water.
  • JASPER has numerous dust collectors in place, reducing particulate matter to a microscopic level (2.5 microns) with a 99.9% efficiency rating.
  • Ozone-depleting vapors have been reduced by 77% by changing our cleaning process. Coal slag or Armex (baking soda) blasting agents have taken the place of many solvents used by our company during the core cleaning process.
  • The majority of solvent-based paints applied to the final product have been replaced with water-based versions. A reduction in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and reduced drying time resulted.
  • When drivetrain cores are disassembled, all nonusable metal and aluminum parts (4057 tons annually) are sent out for reclamation.
  • In 2007, JASPER recycled 182 tons of scrap wood material. Instead of sending the wood material to landfills, the material was turned into a reusable compost product.
  • Many of the new parts that go into JASPER products come to us in cardboard packaging. This material amounts to 73 tons recycled annually.
  • Motion detection lighting has been introduced throughout the production facility. Sensors detect movement, which activates the bulbs, illuminating the area. This reduces electricity use and the bulbs are biodegradable.

The remanufacturing process breaks the cycle of raw material harvest & production, greatly reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. As a recipient of the 2006 Verizon Supplier Excellence Award, JASPER Engines & Transmissions has been recognized as a company with strengths in environmentally safe remanufacturing techniques. Future ecological challenges will be greatly reduced if consumers are driven by environmentally conscientious decisions. By purchasing a JASPER product, not only are you buying the best drivetrain component in the industry, you are contributing to environmental preservation.


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