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Here at Dennis Mitchell's Automotive, we believe not all Ignition Interlock Devices are created equal, which is why we chose Smart Start for our Jackson drivers. Trusted by over 1,185,000 drivers and counting.  When you need to ensure safe driving and options our Jackson drivers have chosen Smart Start.

So what is an Ignition Interlock Device or interlock device, anyway? An Ignition Interlock Device is a piece of electronic equipment that tests your level of alcohol consumption and prevents you from driving your car, truck, SUV, or crossover vehicle until you can pass a test. It is installed in your vehicle’s electrical system and interrupts the starter in the event of a failed test. In cases of a DUI or a DWI charge, an Ignition Interlock Device and restricted driver’s license can often take the place of a suspended license.

While some interlock brands boast affordability, quality and safety are often overlooked. Every product that Smart Start manufactures is not only affordable but also designed with your safety and usability top of mind. In fact, Smart Start thoroughly tests every interlock device to ensure that it exceeds the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards, keeping you safe while you travel. As the best interlock device on the market, Smart Start delivers optimal value, design, and usability. No more straining your eyes on hard-to-read display screens. The sleek and discreet design fits comfortably anywhere in your vehicle. When you use the Smart Start, expect only the most accurate results so you never have to worry about false-positive readings.

Our Jackson drivers and families rely on Smart Start for the best value and quality in Ignition Interlock Devices. Year after year, customers agree that Smart Start is the most affordable and reliable interlock device in the nation. And for your convenience, Smart Start can be installed typically in less than a few hours (on most standard vehicles). Since 1992, millions of customers have trusted Smart Start for the best Ignition Interlock Device nationwide.  Talk to our team here at Dennis Mitchell's Automotive in Jackson about safe driving and the Smart Start System.

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